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Voice SMS Service Company in Bangladesh

MY SOFT IT offers voice SMS service to send pre-recorded automated Voice Massages, Bulk and Single. we also provide sms marketing solution. We using powerful and latest technology that helps to deliver a click unlimited of mobile users. Our system are fully automatic online based. Voice calls are completely automated process hence no operators or dialer is need to process that call, once the system is set with your pre-recorded message and contact list through our user friendly and easy control panel. Voice SMS Service Company in Bangladesh voice calling services Company in Bangladesh


Voicce SMS have very important for your business, size doesn’t matter but quality does matter for business. Automated voice sms services solve some issue like Spacial Offer, Bill Reminders, Notifications, Alerts, Telemarketing, Product News, voice calling services improve your engagement with your clients. Voice broadcasting(Bulk voice calls, Voice blasting, Bulk calling) is used for wide scale communication via phone calls.

Salauddin Ahmed
Excited about Voice SMS services. Thank you MY SOFT IT

Easy To Manage

It is very easy way to send the Voice Call. There is no need to have technical knowledge. We offers single click voice call delivery to thousands of numbers.

Scheduling Options

We allows you to schedule your voice campaign for future dates for a predefine date and time. System will automatically broadcast your messages on scheduled time.

Caller ID

You can create multiple caller id that reflect your identity and you can easily manage all things in one panel. It gives ease of access.

Detailed Statistics

We provide tracking of your each number like time of ring start; call pickup time, call durations and disconnection time. track who received your message and who did not.

API Integration

We can integrate flexible and powerful API into applications to send voice calls. We can build custom API as per your needs.

Upload Audio Files

We allows you to upload audio files. You can upload a WAV file, MP3 file & other format file. You have to make sure audio is clear & easy to understand before uploading.

Real Time Reports

We provide you real time reports, the system will update you all reports as per calls processed. You can track the progress of your voice calls campaign in real time.

Background Management

We handle most of time consuming processes like contact uploads, campaign sending, voice optimization handling in background. It saves your valuable time.

  • Ideal For: just apt for real estate promotions and election campaigns. You can also use it for other promotional purposes.
  • The capacity is highest ranging from 2L Voice Calls/ hour.
  • Your Voice Calls reach DND numbers, very useful for colleges & schools.
  • Credits are deducted only for the Calls attended, thus saves you lot of your money.
  • 3 Redial Attempts if the call is not picked.
  • Supports wav/.amr/ mp3 file Formats.
  • Guaranteed Delivery in just 5-10 seconds at 1 Sec Pulse.
  • Timing on promotional route: 9Am - 9Pm.
  • HTTP API, Powerful for seamless integration.
Special Voice SMS Service Price
SMS Quantity Price Validity
1,000-5,000 1.50 Tk/Min 1 Year
5,000-25,000 1.35 Tk/Min 1 Year
25,000-50,000 1.20 Tk/Min 1 Year
50,000-1,00,000 1.10 Tk/Min 1 Year
1,00,000-5,00,000 1.00 Tk/Min 1 Year
5,00,000-25,00,000 0.90 Tk/Min 1 Year
25,00,000-50,00,000 0.80 Tk/Min 1 Year
50,00,000++ Call For Details: +8801941698614

How we can help you for Voice SMS

At these times, you need to call for an urgent meeting with your staff, or associates. And it seems to be a bit difficult to inform about the meeting individually. Thus, the team at Bangladesh Web Solution is always there to deliver the best possible solution for your business’s every need. Services for Voice SMS we are not only useful just for the business purposes, but can be also effective while promoting the election campaigns. We create personalized effective voice message content to make all your campaigns successful. We have the list of updated numbers that avoids the risk of failure of message and plays the message for the potential or targeted audience. Our voice SMS services can also be useful for the financial institutions for sending a voice SMS reminder like EMI, health care, insurance premium, loan offers, etc. Our team is also capable of creating a voice message even for the stock brokers and bankers.

Benefits of Voice SMS:

Over the last decades, mobile phones have become the most integral component of our lives and this emerged as the perfect marketing tool since it can support the widespread digital application of Voice SMS. This perfect marketing tool has led the businesses to rely heavily upon Voice SMS technology to make their advertising and promotional campaigns run successfully reaching to the maximum number of target audience. Now, the question is what are the areas where hiring a Bulk Voice SMS service Provider can turn out to be an effective decision in favor of organizational success as a whole.

  • Delivering or acquiring responses from prospective clients, employees, and customers.
  • Sending Voice notifications at the right time.
  • Product launches announcements.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns for voter ID registrations, vote reminders, promotional campaign of political parties, and appealing for vote.
  • Marketing and promoting products and services.
  • Confirmation calls for assuring pre-scheduled appointments, meetings, and conferences.
  • Generating sales leads for mortgage brokers.
  • Encouraging people to financially or in some other way contribute for a social cause.
  • Notifying audiences for events, seminars, welfare programs, etc.
  • Pickup or delivery notification by a company for a product or service.
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Call scheduling.
  • Hospitality.

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