MY SOFT IT (SMS marketing company in Dhaka) uses a panel (an automated system) via which SMS (short message service) can be sent to many people’s mobile number at a time. SMS marketing is a technique used by organizations or person for sending promotional offer and information. This technique is applied to both new and existing customers. The objective of SMS marketing is to collect database and use it when necessary. A person gets to know information of products and services of an organization, choice remains up to the person whether too use it or not.

Companies, for the sake of their business growth, require customer data and to do, so they need help from SMS marketing company in Dhaka. Number of mobile users are increasing so is the scope for SMS marketing.

Let’s have a glimpse at the benefits of SMS marketing-:

  • Helps in generating new client and originating business from existing.
  • It is much cost effective than other advertising technique.
  • Instant delivery
  • It creates a professional impact on clients.
  • Location and target based SMS marketing campaign can be created
  • A specific group based campaign from the database list can easily be created.
  • Easy to get report  after the completion of campaign
  • Effective marketing
  • No monthly fees or hidden charges are asked from the campaign runner or from their client’s side.
  • It helps to send reminders for upcoming events
  • Increases customer engagement.
SMS marketing Company in Dhaka
SMS marketing Company in Dhaka

The software that SMS marketing companies in Dhaka uses are has certain features like analytics, group creation, campaigns, data storage etc. These companies offer different packages and rate varies according to the number of bulk SMS to be sent to the clients. They also have created different target groups offer packages accordingly. Usually greater the volume lower will be the price so both the parties are benefited from this system. Some companies even offer voice call services along with SMS. In most cases payments are taken in Advance.

To attract clients SMS marketing companies in Dhaka offers some technical facilities like-

  • Supports sending Bangla SMS at a bulk
  • Support long SMS
  • SMS can be sent from CVS or TXT file
  • The API can be integrated with other applications
  • Mobile responsive SMS version can be sent
  • A client can create unlimited user and sub user under their account.
  • Bulk SMS can be bought at any time
  • Anytime support can be provided to clients
  • Checking mobile analytics to view which campaign got better response.
  • Multiple gateways backup system to continue operation without any interruption

SMS marketing company in Dhaka Bangladesh have their own database which is offered to the clients to help them grow their business. Demand for this kind of marketing technique is rising every day. So, there is good possibility for these companies to grow faster. We must not forget the fact that competition is also rising, therefore some of them even promoting themselves in the different region of the country. These promotions are usually done via SMS and over phone. Smart professionals would like to take opportunities to grow their business, which refers in hiring fresh bloods.

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