Like many small business owners, you may know your business cannot benefit from having a website or that a website is not having your budget. Or maybe you think because you don’t use a computer, neither do your potential customers. These are misconceptions. Please see why your company NEEDS a professional website, no matter what size your business.

Why Need a Website?

  • Website Never Sleep:

Huge of people visit the website in the evening when most businesses are closed, which is perfectly fine because website never take a rest? Your website wakeup 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Your Top Competitor has a website:

If you have a competition with another business you see her already a website, they have clear advantage. A website is best way to the competitor playing the field.

  • Just Google It:

We know today is the online world. if we need any kind information we just go Google and search info. Your company should be at their fingertips when they look in the search engines.

  • Website Improve customer confidence :

You have a professional website, you will improve you overall impression to the public and, in turn, your customers will be more confident in your business.

  • Small Business has higher revenue:

Today, more and more customer use the internet to search for the services or product they need. Your small business will gain credibility by having a website. Without one, strong customers will go to your competitors that do. For home-based businesses, this is particularly helpful since you do not have a store front to promote your services or products.

  • Do you Know 247 Million People

That is the number of consumer that regularly use the Internet. Worldwide lots of consumer Internet.

  • Website help establish more customer

According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of Internet sales are from new customers. Having a website significantly develop your customer reach no matter what services or products you offer.

  • Website are not just local, they are global

Most small businesses are only able to market to their town and neighboring communities. With a website, you can take your product and services across Europe and around the world, if your choose.

  • Save your time

Providing information to your customers takes time, whether it’s on the phone, face-to-face, in a brochure, or in mail. With an online portfolio/demo you can provide lots of information about our products and services. On time your website is up and running, it is accessible to your customers indefinitely, saving you time. And what is time? Time is money!

  • Marketing

The internet has opened up a whole new world of marketing that didn’t exist before. Your website can attract new company by using a complete host of low cost marketing techniques.

  • Customer support

You can greatly reduce the cost of customer support by have a email system, or even just an FAQ on your website. I can think of about 10 companies off the top of my head that streamline your customer service straight from your website.

  • Helps you to find a new job

I bet you didn’t see this one coming. we have been harping on about how a website can help your business and personal. Not only can a website host your resume or CV, but by owning and managing your website you have published tons of hard and soft skills. Having worked in HR once upon a time, I know it is valuable.

So you are clear why do I need a website?

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