Top 10 Web Design Company in Bangladesh


MY SOFT IT has stepped in the Bangladesh market in the year of 2014. Composed of best website design, web development, graphics design, software development, mobile apps development, domain registration, hosting provider, sms and email marketing. MY SOFT IT provide most of country in USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Bangladesh local market. Some of Valuable Client of MY SOFT IT Bangladesh army, National Institute of Cancer Hospital, Dhaka Eye Care Hospital, Laser Treat, Maguara Group etc.

Alexa Ranking: 35,63,819

Location: BNS Center, Sector:07, Uttara, Dhaka

Established In: 2014

CEO: Md.Omar Faruqe

Employees: 25

Technology/Expertise: PHP, .Net, Android, Laravel, Codigniter, React, Vue, Oracle, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effect etc.



2. Bangladesh Web Solution

Bangladesh Web Solution is a growing up web design company in Bangladesh. This company founder 2018 in location Uttara Dhaka.  Specializes in custom software development, web designing, web development, ecommerce website development, mobile app development, SEO and SMO Services, Digital Marketing and Facebook Marketing. Company team member are highly skilled on latest technology. They have also developed 400+ Website and proudly served 1000+ clients across the world.

Alexa Ranking: 73,32,133

Location: Sector:07, Uttara, Dhaka

Established In: 2018

Employees: 20

Technology/Expertise: PHP, .Net, Android, Laravel, Codigniter, React, Vue, Oracle, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effect etc.


3.Web Design company Uttara

Web Design company Uttara is a complete it solution like Web Design, Web Application & Software Development, Digital Marketing, Domain and Hosting. They have skilled professionals, established in the year 2013 place hart of Dhaka City Uttara Dhaka Bangladesh. They are 400 successful projects delivaerd and notably, 80% of their customers come back to avail the services.

Alexa Ranking: 11350821

Location: Sector:07, Uttara, Dhaka

Established In: 2013

Employees: 25

Technology/Expertise: Java, PHP, .Net, Android, Laravel, Codigniter, C#, Node JS, React, Vue, Oracle, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effect etc.


4.71 Web Host

71 Web Host is one of the top Web Design Company in Bangladesh since 2012. Trusted by clients like Bangladesh army, National Institute of Cancer Hospital has created its name across several enterprises, worldwide. They offer web Design, Web development services, IT solution and maintenance, upgrades software/Website for an end-to-end approach. Also they provide best web and corporate mail hosting. 71 Web Host trusted tools include Laravel, Codigniter, React, Node.js, Next.js, Java, and TypeScript.

Alexa Ranking: 11350821

Location: Uttara, Dhaka

Established In: 2012

Employees: 25

Technology/Expertise: Java, PHP, .Net, Android, Laravel, Codigniter, C#, Node JS, React, Vue, Oracle, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effect etc.


5.Choto Site

This Bangladesh-based web development company proudly presents a 97% client retention rate, offering end-to-end web development solutions to startups, SMEs, and also best hosting provider companies. In the last 3 years, they’ve taken up 500+ projects with guaranteed 2x faster delivery. Choto site have some of popular software in Ecommerce Software, Inventory Management, POS, Travel Agency Management Software, MLM Software etc.

Alexa Ranking: 11350821

Location: Uttara, Dhaka

Established In: 2019

Employees: 15

Technology/Expertise: Java,Payton, PHP, .Net, Android, Laravel, Codigniter, C#, Node JS, React, Vue, Oracle, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effect etc.




Roopokar is a full service independent advertising agency specialized new-media/digital media Hart of Bagladesh located in Dhaka Bangladesh. Serving from 2009 in a mission to increase brand’s market share, launch new products with a bang and out-innovate the competition. They are skilled in Web Design and Development, Graphics Design, Video Production, Digital marketing and Facebook marketing etc. Roopokar woking some of Bangladesh top corporate company like: Partex Star Group, Crown Cement, East Wast University,  Basundhora Group, North South University, Pran RPL, Popular Lab Etc.  They have some of software ERP Software, HR software,  POS Software, Digital Asset Management Software etc.

Alexa Ranking: 12,63,422

Location: Plot 503, Road 05, Block A, Shagufta Housing, Dhaka 1216

Established In: 2009

Employees: N/A

Technology/Expertise: Java, Payton, PHP, .Net, Android, Laravel, HTML/CSS, .NET, PHP, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effect etc.


7.Technobd Limited

Technobd Limited is an IT enabled Web and Mobile Application Development service providing company in the market since 2000. They are providing high quality Web Design & Development, Website Maintenance, Social Networking Platform Development, E-Commerce Solutions, CMS Solutions, e-Prochar as E-mail Marketing Service, Managed Web Hosting Service and Domain Registration Service.  aslo provide Mobile Application Development in both Android & iOS Platform. Their innovative approach happy some of client Brac Bank, AKtar Group. Reheb, Bisso Sahitto Kendro, Somoy TV, Metro Net, etc.

Alexa Ranking: 167, 5480

Location: 46 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue (4th Floor), Kawran Bazar, Dhaka – 1215, Bangladesh

Established In: 2000

Employees: N/A

Technology/Expertise: Java,Payton, PHP, .Net, Android, Laravel, HTML/CSS, .NET, PHP, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effect etc.



8.Bhavitra TechSolutions

Bhavitra TechSolutions high inventiveness, Cost Effectiveness, Reliable, Transparent, on schedule, that gives magnificent wanted outcomes true to form.  They are providing cutting-edge solutions in website design, website development, mobile app development, digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, Bulk SMS services in Bangladesh.

Alexa Ranking : 13,80,012

Location: H.M. Plaza (10th Floor), Suite-09, Plot-34, Road-02, Sector-03, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230

Established In: 2019

Employees: N/A

Technology/Expertise: PHP, Laravel, HTML/CSS etc.


9. Shellsoft Technologies

A leading web development company, SHELLSOFT TECHNOLOGIES claims to revamp the representation of enterprises with its website designing and development. The experienced team at Shellsoft Technologies puts every element and detail with great care to increase the loading speed, enhance engagement, and boost conversions. Their area of expertise includes Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Development, Software Development, E-commerce, Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Database Solution & Logo Design.

Alexa Ranking : 20,02,564

Location: Muktobangla Complex, Level-9, Suite-201, Mirpur-1 Bus Stand, Dhaka – 1216

Established In: 2015

Employees: N/A

Technology/Expertise: PHP, Laravel, HTML/CSS etc.



e-Soft  one of the top rated website design company in Bangladesh. E-Soft has enabled highly insightful services including Mobile Apps development, Web design & Website development, Website maintenance, Web based application, E-commerce solutions, Domain Registration & Hosting services,  Corporate webmail solution, Conference Management System, e-Ticketing System, Software Development including Doc Soft (Patient Management Software), Journal Management System (JMS) for small, medium and corporate level business organizations in information Technology field since 2004, having a great exposure in the market offering lowest Price.

Alexa Ranking: 20,02,564

Location: 46 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue (5th Floor), Kawran Bazar, Dhaka – 1215, Bangladesh

Established In:  2004

Employees: N/A

Technology/Expertise: PHP, Laravel, HTML/CSS etc.

SMS Marketing Company Dhaka

MY SOFT IT (SMS marketing company in Dhaka) uses a panel (an automated system) via which SMS (short message service) can be sent to many people’s mobile number at a time. SMS marketing is a technique used by organizations or person for sending promotional offer and information. This technique is applied to both new and existing customers. The objective of SMS marketing is to collect database and use it when necessary. A person gets to know information of products and services of an organization, choice remains up to the person whether too use it or not.

Companies, for the sake of their business growth, require customer data and to do, so they need help from SMS marketing company in Dhaka. Number of mobile users are increasing so is the scope for SMS marketing.

Let’s have a glimpse at the benefits of SMS marketing-:

  • Helps in generating new client and originating business from existing.
  • It is much cost effective than other advertising technique.
  • Instant delivery
  • It creates a professional impact on clients.
  • Location and target based SMS marketing campaign can be created
  • A specific group based campaign from the database list can easily be created.
  • Easy to get report  after the completion of campaign
  • Effective marketing
  • No monthly fees or hidden charges are asked from the campaign runner or from their client’s side.
  • It helps to send reminders for upcoming events
  • Increases customer engagement.
SMS marketing Company in Dhaka
SMS marketing Company in Dhaka

The software that SMS marketing companies in Dhaka uses are has certain features like analytics, group creation, campaigns, data storage etc. These companies offer different packages and rate varies according to the number of bulk SMS to be sent to the clients. They also have created different target groups offer packages accordingly. Usually greater the volume lower will be the price so both the parties are benefited from this system. Some companies even offer voice call services along with SMS. In most cases payments are taken in Advance.

To attract clients SMS marketing companies in Dhaka offers some technical facilities like-

  • Supports sending Bangla SMS at a bulk
  • Support long SMS
  • SMS can be sent from CVS or TXT file
  • The API can be integrated with other applications
  • Mobile responsive SMS version can be sent
  • A client can create unlimited user and sub user under their account.
  • Bulk SMS can be bought at any time
  • Anytime support can be provided to clients
  • Checking mobile analytics to view which campaign got better response.
  • Multiple gateways backup system to continue operation without any interruption

SMS marketing company in Dhaka Bangladesh have their own database which is offered to the clients to help them grow their business. Demand for this kind of marketing technique is rising every day. So, there is good possibility for these companies to grow faster. We must not forget the fact that competition is also rising, therefore some of them even promoting themselves in the different region of the country. These promotions are usually done via SMS and over phone. Smart professionals would like to take opportunities to grow their business, which refers in hiring fresh bloods.

Note: If you want see our SMS Database Please Click.

Benefits of a Website for Small Business

A website is basically a sole domain comprising of various web pages Many businesses owners out there still hold the belief that the best way to hike their businesses’ profits is by word of mouth or to influence their
prospects through social media channels like Facebook which not really the case. This is shocking but true. Most of us fail to understand the benefits of having a website when we can relay the information to our customers through social media. Maybe, you are in a generation that did not grow up in this era of computers and therefore you may assume that your customers also have little or no computer access to access your products. Well, this is false. This is a digital era where almost everything Is accessible online. Nowadays, it is very easy to design a business website. In case you do not know how to code or design the website, it can be designed for you with a few bucks. The internet is available for you to seek help from and has no restrictions. If you own a business and have no website, then you are missing the greater piece of the pie. You are not maximizing on the opportunities of your business. You need to give the website a try.

Here are the Benefits of a Website for Small Business:

if you Need Website design for your Company just see this Click


Many people are searching the internet for products or
services they need, to evaluate prices to discover solutions to problems or to
look for information about a product or service. Owning a website will not only
relay the information they are searching for but will also develop a sense of
trust in the customers for the business.

In case you have a “freebie” website that you created
yourself, you have to consider if it is providing you with the image that you
want for your company. If not, have it professionally designed for you and it
will gain greater credibility.

When you provide good services, the positive word of mouth
may spread and this attracts more buyers therefore increasing the size of your

Proper planning and design of a website that actually meets
your consumer’s needs give a professional image and the prospective customers a
wonderful feel upon visiting your website.



You may probably be thinking of not having a website for
your company due to the cost of designing it. Well, that’s not the best
decision. Once the website is complete and operational, it is worth the initial
investment particularly if it is created using WordPress which allows you to
update your content on a regular basis.

Websites are far much better than traditional methods of
advertising such as using newspapers. Although it may be expensive to design a
professional website, it will surely boost the profits long term.


Access to your website is not restricted to business hours.
It is operational around the clock independent of where you are provided you
are connected to the internet. You do not need to have an office for the
website to be accessible. In addition, it allows more than one client to access
the website therefore ensuring efficient and faster transfer of information to
your prospects.


Having a website enables you to market your business online.
There are several marketing strategies available such as through Pinterest,
YouTube and Facebook.
Facebook is the most common social networking site with
billions of users already signed up. It can assist in creating a relationship
with buyers. You can also use it to further your business. Also, you can add
videos, pictures, launch a new product or introduce a new service or even speak
what is in your mind. YouTube basically focusses on videos. Some videos may
contain a link to business websites.
Pinterest is a networking platform which focuses on photos.
Here, you can post pictures of your products for the buyers to see. All these
networking platforms are available for you to market your products.

See marketing details click



One of best benefit for your company get have a good website from search engine exposure. A majority people using search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex when their service, product and information they need. Your website must be properly, user-friendly and optimize your website, you become available in any where and anytime in worldwide.

What is Search Engine Optimization Wikipedia


Having a business website greatly minimizes the cost of
customer support services by either having an FAQ or a ticketing system. This
gradually builds trust and loyalty of the customers to the company making them
long-term buyers.
The customers can also be easily educated on how to use,
care or manage the products they have already purchased from the company. This
can be achieved by including an FAQ page or a resources section where you can
upload articles and newsletters to answer your customer’s questions.

Bottom Line

Efficient communication is the key to your business
breakthrough. The best way to do this is to make use of the internet and have a
website which ensures full-time connection to the buyers.
It is necessary for every business to have a website.
Professional websites tend to be more advantageous since they better fulfil the
customer’s needs. Although they might be costlier to design, they will generate
great profits in the long run.

Top 7 Guidelines To Improve Inventory Management

Top 7 Guidelines to Improve Inventory Management

What is Inventory management?

Inventory management is the part of supply chain management, Inventory management is all about your product the exact stock of quantity, in exact place, at the exact time, exact price and exact cost. It also product exact time for sale and Real time sale information get you. Inventory management one of the best ways to maximize sales and minimize your manpower cost.

Real Time Analysis Your Business:

Every Business man can know her business daily situation like: how much sale today, when is the best sailing time, which product is best sale, total stock, when need new product and how much product purchase today etc.

First In, First Out (FIFO)

You purchase a product like a medicine expire date is this month 20 date and other medicine expire date is after 2 month. Which product your sale early? must be 1st product there expire date is this month. But your inventory bottom self this medicine you can’t know this. How to sale this? When you using a proper inventory software you see which product is expire early then your sale easily. FIFO helps your product not damage or business loss.

You can use MyInventory software. This software helps you Real-time track your product stock, vendor and customer due, paid and advance, Inventory Receipt, movement and order details. MyInventory using worldwide 100+ user.

First In, First Out (FIFO)
First In, First Out (FIFO)

If you want to see demo call 01941698614 or email:

Identify low turn stock

Some product sale early and product stock is low. When you know which product, stock is low you can order. Other product not sale continuously so why you purchase this product. If you know some product have your stock many days you can offer discount and promotion.

Establish the ability to monitor all aspects of the inventory

Put a connected system in place that adjusts stock levels directly from your sales channels. By doing so, you can get excellent visibility into what’s selling well, what isn’t and the corresponding margins that come along with it in order to shape future decision making.

– Ryan Lazanis, Xen Master, Xen Accounting

Plan for the future

If you know your inventory management process and business growth, they will be a painful your inventory cycle. You have to begin getting ready presently to embrace an answer that can deal with your business development.

Plan for the future

if you want digital marketing your company contact our support team see

Sales Goals

on the off chance that your stores are encountering moderate or no development while coordinate to-client deals are blasting and are being filled from the business floor, does the store get acknowledgment for these deals? Or on the other hand are the deals demonstrated just as immediate? Each organization needs to work through what is reasonable and mirrors the deals and stock objectives store administration is in charge of.

The Key to Profit Generation and Cost Control

Inventory or stocks are the lifeline and represent whole image of any company or business. starting from the producing stage to the pursuit of product and elements throughout their transportation from merchant to warehouse, between the warehouses then to retail location or on to the client.

The producing business will utilize it to come up with work orders and bills of materials. Regular usage of inventory management software system will keep check on overstocking of product and outages. Inventory information is organized in associate ‘easy to access and operate way’ .

Advantages of Inventory Management Software

One of the foremost vital functions and edges of an Inventory Management System is to enhance stock management. you will be able to give your purchasers with the products need /they need/they require after they want them or a minimum of keep them up-to-date with correct stock data.

The ability to cut back your personnel can usually modify you to use less instrumentality within the running of your warehouse. You’ll want less of everything, for fewer folks are going to be gift to use your machinery and technology. this will quantity to some vital savings, not simply within the sense of reducing the necessity for replacement instrumentality within the future, however additionally in serving to to attenuate annual maintenance budgets as a result of less wear and tear on your instrumentality.

SEO Training Center In Uttara Dhaka Bangladesh

1 Introduction to Digital Marketing
How to structure your marketing plan
How to segment your audience
How to segment your channels
Home Work
2 How website should look like from Marketing point of view
Content Structure
How to Audit
Tools and Resources
Home Work
3 What is SEO and how it works?
How Search Engine Works
An overview of the SEO process
Important SEO terms 1 (keyword, PR, AR)
Important SEO terms 2 (Backlink, No follow, Anchor Text )
Important SEO terms 3 (PA, DA, SERP, Domin Age, Whois )
4 Overview of on page factors
How to Identify on page SEO problems & solution
How to Check the Duplicate Contents of a Website
How to Check Page Load Speed and Fix
How to Use Google Analytics
How to Use Google Webmaster
Keyword Density and Internal Linking
5 Overview of Keyword Research
How to brainstorm keyword Ideas
Product Name vs Information Keyword
Things to look at During Competition Analysis
How to do the competiton analysis with long tail pro
How to do the keyword research for a niche site
6 Best and Smart Practice of Link Building
Competitor Analysis
Tools and Resources
Home Work
7 Introduction With off page SEO and different link building techniques.
Explanation of tiered link building technique.
How to Build Links via Blog Comment
Forum Link Building- Step by Step
How to Build Links from Social Bookmarking Site
8 Content creation process for web 2.0 and best practices
How to Build Links from Web2.0 Sites and Best Practices
How to Build Directory Submission Links
Article Directory and PDF Sharing Link Building
How to Build Press Release and Audio Sharing Link
9 Overview: What is Competitor Analysis and Why It is Important?
Step by Step process to do competitor Analysis
10 Importance of Guest Posting – Does it Really Work for Niche Site?
How to Find Potential Niche Relevant Guest Post Opportunities?
What to check before pitching guest post topics
How to Pitch to the guest posting prospects
Case Study- How We Achieved a Guest Post Link from a DA 82 Site
11 Social Media Marketing (Organic)
How Social Media works
Why Content Goes Viral?
Tools and Resources
Audience Research
Facebook Marketing
12 Define & Differentiate Marketing & Branding.
Define Facebook Marketing.
Advantages of Advertising on Facebook .
Comparison between Facebook advertising & Google Adwords Advertising.
Grow your Glocal (Global+Local) Business leveraging the power of Facebook ads
Setting Up Business page & Business Account
13 Setting up Facebook page.
Concept of Vanity URL.
Creating Facebook Business Account.
Integration of account information & Credit card data into Facebook.
The most appropriate billing method for Bangladeshi advertiser.
Limitation of Facebook Ad Account.
Discover Your Target Market
14 Concept of Target Market & Demography.
Target Marketing Segmentation.
Concept of Pareto Analysis.
Broad Vs Narrow Target Segment.
Create different types of audience based on your market segment.
Concept of audience overlapping
Email Marketing
15 Email Marketing Concept
Lead Collection
Email Best Practice
Segmentation Strategy
Tools and Resources
16 Email Campaign Setup
Report and Analysis
Home Work
Google Analytics & Webmaster
17 Analytics and Webmaster Tool Basic
Goal and Event Tracking
Advance Practice
Backlink Analysis
Data Analysis
Home Work
Google Adwords and Display Ads
18 Google Adwords Basic
Why Adwords
Live Campaign Setup
Best Practice
Tools and Resources
Home Work
YouTube Marketing
19 Why Video Marketing?
YouTube Content Creation
Keyword Research
Tools and Resources
20 Optimize YouTube Channel Like a PRO
YouTube Ranking Factors
Research and Analysis
Conversion Related Tips, Quick Money Generate Tips
Home Work
Mobile Marketing
21 Difference Between Email and SMS Marketing
Similarity Between Email and SMS Marketing
Best converting SMS
Strategy for Long Run
Home Work
Content Marketing
22 How to be viral With Content
Advantage of Blogging
How to Generate more Shares and Engagements
Home Work
Bidding & Budgeting
23 Setting & Managing Bids, Setting & Managing Budgets.
Impacts on Ranking, Best Practices.
Performance Monitoring & Conversion Tracking.
How Google Measures Performance, Troubleshooting, Optimization Performance.
Earning Scopes With Your Digital Marketing Skills
24 How Can We Earn as a Digital Marketer
What is Passive Income
What Next?

We have specialized team to Development your software and others solutions. We offered a range of strategic business solutions. We are very wide in formation, extended in performance, progressive in style; our service is designed to give complete end-to-end solutions for our clients. MY SOFT IT is a leading Software Development Company Uttara. Our Company has been developed by some highly experienced Professionals and dedicated team to provide total IT solutions under one roof. It empowers not only in the latest technology but also it has the better knowledgeable and experience hands to payoff most user friendly customized solutions. We provide high quality software Solution and software platforms latest technologies. We give service on such as software development, web development, ecommerce solution, graphic design, domain registration, web hosting, SMS marketing.

Software Development Company Uttara

Our software development team helps to customize software and web application. We appoint only the best. Our environment helps us keep our talents and our skill development programs confirm that we are all time on the top of recent developments. Mobile application development or building web apps or custom desktop tools, our customers gets top. We have worked with many technology platforms and have cooperate with many teams over these years.

Ecommerce Solution Company Uttara:

E- Commerce is the buying and selling of products by using electronic means such as the internet and other computer networks. It is the commercial transaction that involves transfer of information over the internet.

Sourece by Wikipedia

Ecommerce is the best option for the internet advertising area. We are the best for you won advertising product. We have special ecommerce web site designer whose will be design of your ecommerce website. We will include of your web site such as genuine time payment receipt, correct inventory management, easy shopping carts, regular shipping, simple payment gateways, smooth integration and much more. Our complete store performance involves design, database, and payment methods, shipping methods, safety and service.

Graphic Design Company Uttara:

Mainly graphic design is attract the customers by its dynamic style. We offered such as:-

  • Website Graphic Design
  • Illustration Design Services
  • 3D Product Packaging Design Services
  • Website Logo Design Services
  • Signage and Graphics
  • Business Cards Design
  • Banner Design Services
  • Flyer Design Services
  • Cover Design Services
  • Brochure Design Services etc.

You want your website must be organic search engine optimization but is long term and complex process. You can using some of tools your work is easier, very fast. when you start your work but you need imporvement report. you must be using some of free and paid tools.

Best SEO Tools and Resources

1. Yoast SEO:
2. All in One SEO Pack:
3. Google Keyword Planner:
6. Uber Suggest:
10. Soovle:

Website Design Company in Bangladesh

Website Design Company in Bangladesh

A websites are not just platforms to represents of yours products or services of companies, actually a well-designed website works as like the tools for the growth of your businesses. At now a website consider as like window to the internet. In the business world, we cannot imagine one day without website.

The great advantage of a business web site:
24 hours visible: It is 365 days 7 weeks and 24 hours accessible for the customer’s.

Increasing sale: It is the best way to increase your business sales. It is not only increase sale but also promote your web site.

Connect with new customers: A web site is the great way to connect with people and increase the fame.

Information Exchange: Any kind of information a business owner can shear in web site and that may be needed for customers.

Advertising: A web site gives a big opportunity to advertise about company and products.

A website is the best way to promote of your products or services. If you’re not presenting your visitors with an attractive site and packaging your products nicely, you’re definitely leaving money on the streets. We have highly qualified designer’s team whose are already designed many kinds of innovative website. Are you looking a web-site designing company? to design for your website or software than MY SOFT IT is a right choice for you. MY SOFT IT(Website Design Company in Bangladesh) provides high quality website designing with affordable rate(Website Design Company in Bangladesh). Our teams are too much experienced to give creative design and stylish looking for website. Even your any kinds of requirement, our designers will full-fill as your expectation. Our expert teams are always ready to provide you innovative ideas and creativity. All of our designs are made website that giving unique looks to your website. Our talented designers invest their time to create solutions that make your website feel real without any doubt. We are completely offered such as web consultancy, PSD to HTML, Responsive Website Design Company in Bangladesh, static website, landing page design, custom Website Design Company in Bangladesh, website redesigning, website maintenance, email template design, ecommerce Website Design Company in Bangladesh, web designer hiring, hiring Bangladeshi web designer and more. We also provide our clients with content updates, website re-designing services and repair and also switch to existing web portals with very affordable prices. We built our project with help of latest technology such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstraps4 etc. Customers can be assured about their present project and upcoming project. We never compromise about our quality and customer’s services. We never unable to meets project deadlines. When handover of your project near of us

MY SOFT IT is the one best eCommerce website development company in Bangladesh. We are provide eCommerce solutions, eCommerce consultancy, eCommerce website marketing and eCommerce software. We offer efficacious and affordable eCommerce web design, plugin development and payment getaway development small and largest company. our professional designer and developer give you most creative and professional eCommerce solution.We have professional eCommerce marketing consultancy who give you best idea and provide your eCommerce website promote your brand effectively while staring success as wall as online sales.

Feature of Ecommerce Website Development Company Bangladesh

+understand Dynamic Sideshow
+ Unlimited Pages.
+ Unlimited Products Category.
+ Unlimited Product Add.
+ Unique Design.
+ Add/Update/Delete Product Any Time.
+ Add/Update Price Package Any Time.
+ color ways product search
+Brand ways product search
+product zooming
+product color
+prodict review options
+ Bangladeshi Taka Currency.
+Multi Currency support.
+ Social media Share Option.
+ Client Order Invoice.
+ Total Calculation Of Total Sales.
+ User Log in / Register System.
+ Latest, Special Products Menu.
+ Upload Image ..
+ Clients Feedback Form.
+ Online Order completed System
+ Pay on delivery.
+ Payment gateways.
+ customar live chet option
+Basic SEO
+Speed Optimaization

Our Ecommerce development Services in Bangladesh:

  • Ecommerce development with unlimited products & category
  • Ecommerce tool development
  • Ecommerce payment gateways
  • Ecommerce store management
  • Custom software development

ই-কমার্স ওয়েবসাইট সাথে মোবাইল আপস ফ্রি

মাই সফট আইটি দিচ্ছি আপনার ই-কমার্স ব্যবসা কে আরও সহজ করার জন্য ই-কমার্স ওয়েবসাইট সাথে মোবাইল আপস ফ্রি। এই অফার এ আপনি একটি ই-কমার্স ওয়েবসাইট তৈরী করলেই সাথে পাচ্ছেন মোবাইল আপস।

ই-কমার্স ওয়েবসাইট এ যা থাকছে
+understand Dynamic Sideshow
+ Unlimited Pages.
+ Unlimited Products Category.
+ Unlimited Product Add.
+ Unique Design.
+ Add/Update/Delete Product Any Time.
+ Add/Update Price Package Any Time.
+ color ways product search
+Brand ways product search
+product zooming
+product color
+prodict review options
+ Bangladeshi Taka Currency.
+Multi Currency support.
+ Social media Share Option.
+ Client Order Invoice.
+ Total Calculation Of Total Sales.
+ User Log in / Register System.
+ Latest, Special Products Menu.
+ Upload Image ..
+ Clients Feedback Form.
+ Online Order completed System
+ Pay on delivery.
+ Payment gateways.
+ customar live chet option
+Basic SEO
+Speed Optimaization

এই অফার টি চলবে ২৮ ফেব্রুয়ারী পর্যন্ত।

বি: দ্র : অ ছাড়া আপনার চাহিদা ও পছন্দ অনুযায়ী যে কোন ধরনের ওয়েবসাইট তৈরি করিয়ে নিতে পারেন ।
সাইটটি যেভাবে পরিচলনা করবেন, এর সম্পূর্ন ধারনা ।
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